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Lockdown Lessons for Leasing Staff

Life as we know it is home to a whole host of new normalities. Lockdown has shaken our world and awoken the creativity inside, for some of us at least. The team at TCH Leasing never did stop working, in fact we took over 500 maintenance calls, arranged for the replacement of tyres on 755 vehicles, delivered 164 new vehicles to customers and processed over 2,500 quotes, all whilst working from home.

Challenging? At times. Rewarding? Certainly. Achievable? Most definitely.

Because not only was our team hard at work helping new and current customers with their vehicle solutions, some were also exploring the hidden talents within themselves. The word “talents” is a little far fetched for what you’re about to discover about our team, but nonetheless, they are achievements all-round.

Completed LinkedIn

Yes, that’s right TCH Leasing are proud to announce that Duncan Howell is now a self-proclaimed visionary that has completed LinkedIn. We’re not quite sure how one actually completes LinkedIn, as these techniques are only available to a special select few (apparently). Never-the-less, if you’d like to connect with a true LinkedIn Guru, now’s your chance.

Learned that DIY should come with a whole host of asterisks

Foodies have discovered how to bake bread whilst Ranjit Grewal has unearthed the struggles that a novice DIYer faces. It turns out that attempting to build her dream garden with an all-inclusive bar, is a lot more challenging than first anticipated. We’re talking Homer and his BBQ Pit challenging. Supposedly, DIY should come fraught with an endless list of asterisks, an endless list that starts with *the only time you’ll have enough screws is when they’re the wrong size, *no matter how many tape measures you have you’ll never be able to find one and *splinters

The entertainment that happens right outside your window

Those first few weeks of lockdown and working from home were strange, strange times. Activity outside of those sacred four walls plummeted to basically zero, bar the big shop and your daily allowance of exercise. For Duncan Howell this meant he finally understood why his Labrador becomes so excited when someone wanders past the window. “Any signs of life just reminded me that there was still a world out there.”

Long multiplication and the layers of the rainforest

Yes, you guessed it. Our ‘homeschooling hero’ is Mark Proudfoot who couldn’t be more grateful for teachers and the new school year. Prior to lockdown it was difficult enough to get his 6 & 9-year-old boys to take their dirty pots into the kitchen, now he faced the task of homeschooling them as well. Stripped back to basics, with no calculator available; he had to rediscover the world of long multiplication before taking a deep dive into the various layers of the rainforest. Fortunately, opportunities presented him with moments of a breather and fresh air. Most notably the time the boys were let loose with a paint brush, all the colours of the rainbow and a garden fence… Which even now has stood the test of time!

Learned A) what a TikTok is and B) it’s harder than building Lego

Keeping up with all the latest ‘trends’ is arguably easier when you have kids, as they introduce you to a whole new world of wonders. Although, there are times when you wish you hadn’t been introduced, like the time Roxanne Stones became a TikTok star (within the family group chat at least). One lunchtime was spent honing her dance skills as she tried to remember all the steps to a 10-second dance routine, before being filmed elegantly ‘pulling-off’ said dance. You’d have thought it would have been easier than building Lego, but not according to Roxanne.

Also on the list was an improved handicap for Mike Holleran, a new Scrabble high score of 201 for Geoff Barlow and the most mouth-watering of Rolo Cheesecakes made by Alex Bristow. All of which were achieved whilst keeping both our new and current customers out on the roads.

We’d love to hear what new skills you’ve learned during lockdown? Get involved with our social on @TCHLeasing

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