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Accident Management

Available to all clients across their entire fleet.

As part of our added value services designed to assist TCH clients to manage their fleet as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, TCH Leasing offers TCH Accident Management which is available to all clients across their whole fleet.

This service is delivered by TCH Leasing in partnership with one of the UK’s leading Accident Management providers.

The key benefits of this service are:

  • A single point of contact for all drivers via our via our freephone number, 0333 2407158. Rigorous initial assessment of requirements to ensure we consistently deliver the right solution.

  • A Like-for-Like replacement vehicle at no cost for all non fault accidents.  Credit repair on all non-fault accidents, improving cash flow and reducing claims records.

  • Improved negotiating position on insurance renewal.

  • No hire car costs.

  • Reduction in vehicle downtime.

  • No delays due to payment of Policy Excess/VAT.

  • All fault repairs managed as per the client's specific requirements minimising associated costs.

  • Personal Injury Claims Management through our panel of lawyers.

  • Full award payout.

  • Comprehensive repair control.

  • *SMART/Mobile repair, saving up to 40% on conventional repair.

  • 3 year warranty on all repairs.

  • Most importantly, this enhancement is provided at no cost and is simple and quick to instigate.




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