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Outsourcing Management

TCH Leasing, offer outsourcing for your fleet administration. Our specialist team can take routine administrative tasks off your hands, which will free up your company time, allowing your team to focus on other important areas of the business.

Why Choose Outsourcing?

Operating a fleet in the modern world can be onerous, time consuming and expensive. Vehicles need to be sourced, maintained and disposed of. Drivers must be managed and communicated with, and health and safety, taxation, and other statutory requirements must be complied with. All these tasks require knowledge, experience, and time, but all too often are dealt with as an add-on to finance or HR departments, becoming a drain on resources and a potential risk to compliance. Outsourcing is a simple, efficient and cost-effective means of administering your fleet.

Why Outsource to TCH?

With over 60 years' experience in the fleet management and contract hire sector, we have the skills and knowledge to control and manage your fleet ensuring you satisfy the needs of your business and employees, whilst remaining compliant with legislative requirements. A dedicated team provides our outsourcing services, drawing on the skills and experience of our procurement, maintenance, disposals, and logistics departments as and when required. The team is also able to manage all fleet administration including, but not limited to, P11d reporting, licence checking, vehicle maintenance, motor insurance database updates, fuel card management, and using our buying power to negotiate costs on short term rental vehicles and parts and labour rates for maintenance work. Our efficient and cost-effective approach to fleet management should also reduce valuable administrative time for the client.

TCH Leasing can offer:

  • Driving Licence Checking

  • Grey Fleet Support

  • Contract Hire

  • Vehicle Rental

  • Driver Risk Assessments

  • Accident Management

  • Fleet Administration

  • Fleet Maintenance Management

  • Fleet Consultancy


For more information, speak to your account manager, or contact us on

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