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Fleet Management

This can be a huge administrative burden and it therefore makes sense to transfer this to the experts.

Many organisations are looking for a partner to manage the day to day operation of their company fleet.

We have three key products that can help:

1. TCH Fleet Management

Transferring management of your fleet to the experts ensures that you get value for money through our knowledge and expertise in fleet management.

Rather than struggling to manage your own fleet costs such as servicing, brakes, exhausts, batteries, and the variety of incidental costs that an owned or non-maintained fleet has to cope with, why not benefit from the expertise and buying power of our own in-house TCH Assist team and the tight cost controls that come from detailed invoice breakdown and analysis.


2. TCH Outsourced Management

Taking fleet management one step further, TCH Outsourced Management provides the strategic support and expertise needed to keep a fleet running smoothly and cost-effectively. This can cover procurement, logistics, disposal, employee communication and other tasks normally requiring an in-house fleet management function.

Our knowledgeable, trained and responsive team can take over all the time-consuming functions associated with in-house fleet administration, whilst helping clients to better control the fixed and operating costs associated with their fleet.

TCH Outsourced Management keeps clients completely informed on all aspects of fleet operations and can significantly reduce in-house administrative responsibilities.

With an emphasis on cost reduction and restructuring in today’s business environment, you'll find that TCH Outsourced Management is an excellent choice for many organisations wishing to refocus attention on their core business activities.

3. TCH Tyre Management

If you have an owned car, a non-maintenance contract or a fleet management agreement, you probably pay for your tyres on a per use basis. TCH Tyre Management takes away the cost risk associated with tyres whether arising through wear and tear or as a result of accidental damage by charging a fixed monthly fee per vehicle. The fee reflects our buying power keeping tyre costs as low as possible.

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