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The minuscule EV taking over China

With the introduction of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the New Mercedes EQS and our overview on whole life costs for EVs we have ultimately talked a lot about EV’s recently. All while an unfamiliar car maker in China’s southwest has dominated the world’s largest electric car market, to the point they have even outsold Tesla Inc almost every month. With what, exactly? A minuscule and unadorned yet customisable in almost every way EV starting at just $4.5k. The Hongguang Mini has a top speed of 62mph and just 12-inch wheels; however due to the availability of customisation options, almost each one is unique with one customer pimping theirs out to resemble The Catbus from a very popular fantasy film, My Neighbor Totoro. Meanwhile, a father with a 7-year old who is obsessed with Pokemon, had his created to look just like a Pokemon. As larger SUVs become more and more popular in this country, thanks to the additional capacity within the vehicle it’s hard to imagine how a vehicle so tiny could ever succeed. But the beauty of this, almost pocket-sized, EV is that it takes the ‘nippy car’ description to a whole new reality as parking within China’s highly populated cities becomes much a lot less stressful. Although you might not be able to customise your electric fleet to the intricate detail of the Hongguang Mini, you can customise your fleet to make the most optimal savings. Speak to the TCH Leasing team to discover how we can help you.


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