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New Mercedes EQS Flagship Electric Vehicle

The Mercedes’ EQS flagship electric vehicle will boast a new ‘hyperscreen’ dashboard, up to a 478-mile range and a 761hp performance model. And that’s just scratching the surface…

Creating a new benchmark for a premier electric vehicle, the new EQS Saloon will sit side by side with the S-Class when it arrives in the UK, expected to be Summer 2021.

This new generation of Mercedez vehicle is supported, not only with a never-seen-before battery technology for a Mercedes, but also with sculpted and distinctive cab-forward proportions, truly promoting the upmarket class that the Merc sits in.

The battery beholds a usable capacity of 107.8kWh, which is the reason that the car can provide up to 478 miles of range on a single charge. Whilst the architecture of the vehicle, including a shorter bonnet and boot than the latest S-Class and a curved roofline allows the cab-forward design. Not only does the new proportions offer a much more confident drive, but the smooth-surfaced design of the exterior is replicated in the interior, in what is deemed one of the most luxurious interiors to date.

In terms of technology that enhances the driver's experience, a new navigation feature of ‘electric intelligence’ assists in planning the fastest and most convenient route, including charging stops, traffic jams and your own current driving style. Additionally, the streamlined appearance includes hidden features, such as automatic ‘comfort doors’, which senses the driver approaching. At which point, the door handles are extended and then opens the driver’s door automatically.

When it comes to performance, the Mercedes EQS eclipses the current range leader, Tesla’s Model S Long Rage, by 66 miles. The motor is powerful enough to deliver a 6.2 second 0-62mph acceleration time. In addition, Mercedes claims that the exterior aerodynamic design of the EQS helps to boost its range and reduce unwanted cabin noise, in what they believe to be the most aerodynamic car in the world.

Further details are due to follow, including price and a full specification run down once the car launches this summer.

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