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UK Supermarkets Increase Charging Networks to Keep Up with EV Demand

At TCH Leasing, we're passionate about supporting the growth of electric vehicles, and the latest news from the RAC and Zapmap coincides with our views. UK supermarkets are rapidly expanding their EV charging infrastructure, making it easier than ever for drivers to be more eco conscious.

The two studies from RAC and Zapmap found that:

  • Over 600 new charging locations were added in 2023, marking a 59% year-on-year increase. That means one in ten supermarkets now offer EV charging for their customers.

  • Tesco leads the charge with the largest network (1,305 devices), while Sainsbury's saw the most impressive growth, tripling its chargers from 53 to 157 and aiming for 750 by the end of the year.

  • Unfortunately, Asda decreased their number, having recently deactivated many chargers after ending a partnership. However, they're reportedly exploring ways to get back on track with EV charging.

This surge in supermarket charging points aligns perfectly with driver preferences. According to Zapmap, over 35% of EV drivers in the UK say they combine charging with their weekly food shop, meaning more shoppers than ever can discover convenience as well as eco-friendly driving.

Thinking about switching to an electric vehicle? TCH Leasing offers a wide range of EVs to suit your needs. Contact us today and let's help you make a smooth transition to sustainable driving.


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