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Why Volkswagen is Winning Over Fleets

Choosing the right vehicles for your business is crucial. They need to be reliable, efficient and cater to your specific needs. That's why industry recognition, like the UK's Great British Fleet Awards, matters. This year, Volkswagen took home two top honours: Manufacturer of the Year and Best Fleet Large SUV for the Touareg.

What makes Volkswagen such a winner with fleets?

A Fleet for Every Business

The award acknowledges Volkswagen's dedication to serving businesses of all sizes. Their diverse range offers options for any fleet, from compact cars for sales teams to the award-winning Touareg SUV for larger operations.

Qualities that Impressed the Judges

The award highlights Volkswagen's commitment to building strong partnerships with fleet management companies. This translates to excellent service and support for businesses.

Additionally, Volkswagen offers a variety of fuel-efficient options, including electric and hybrid models, which can help companies run more sustainable and cost-effective fleets. Safety and reliability are also key aspects that likely impressed the judges.

Why Leasing a Volkswagen Makes Sense For Your Business

Leasing offers several advantages over buying for businesses. Lower upfront costs free up capital, and you get access to the latest, most fuel-efficient models. Considering the reasons Volkswagen won Manufacturer of the Year – variety, fuel efficiency, partnerships, safety, and reliability – leasing a Volkswagen becomes an even more attractive option.

Explore Your Leasing Options Today

TCH Leasing can assist you in finding vehicles for your fleet. Contact us today and we'll help you find the perfect Volkswagen to power your fleet's success!


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