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World EV Day News Roundup

On World EV Day 2020 (9th September) the team here at TCH Leasing decided to round up all the latest news, facts and figures to keep you up to date.

The inaugural World EV Day celebrates electric vehicle (EV) ownership and aims to engage fleet and private users alike in the importance of the transition to sustainable transport. Following on from funding provided for research and development to support the most promising EV technologies, today the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced the British Government’s plan to accelerate (EV) uptake. The new measures alongside funding in partnership with Innovate UK will create new opportunities in the EV sector and could see the battery charge time significantly reduced to as low as six minutes. Making the announcement, Shapps said: “Whether you’re taking a trip with the family or commuting to work, with the wide range of models at competitive prices, it is now more cost-effective and convenient than ever to drive and charge an electric vehicle.”

The announcement follows Zap-Map’s development to their existing app to integrate Zap-Pay which will allow EV drivers to better plan their journeys and easily find available charging points, reducing so-called “range anxiety”. The popularity of the app has grown considerably, and Zap-Map are planning the full roll out of Zap-Pay in 2021, alongside an increase in their charging point network and further development of new features aimed at commercial fleets.

All this is great news for retail and commercial clients alike; the future of Electric Vehicles is here. Through TCH Salsa, TCH Leasing’s Salary Sacrifice scheme, drivers choosing EVs can achieve a 0% BIK tax for 2020/2021, which rises to 1% the following year and 2% the year after. Taking advantage now is absolutely a “no brainer”. Additionally, every customer of TCH Leasing can download the TCH Leasing app which assists users in finding their nearest charge points and so much more.

Still unsure about electric vehicles? Read our comprehensive and ultimate guide to EVs here.


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