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Volvo to be all-electric by 2030

Major car brand Volvo has outlined its plans to become a fully electric car company by 2030.

Included in the plans is the launch of a completely new family of electric cars in the coming years, all of which will be available online only.

The latest move by the car manufacturer echoes the growing calls for environmentally-friendly transport amid carbon-neutral efforts all across the world. Which has seen Ford announce plans for an all-electric range of cars and vans by 2030 as well. Whilst Jaguar Land Rover aim to be fully electric by 2025 and Volkswagen owned Bentley have previously stated they’ll be totally electric by the end of the decade.

The announcement comes at a time where COVID-19 restrictions have meant showrooms have remained closed for long periods of times, damaging car sales.

In a statement, the carmaker said, “Volvo Cars is fundamentally changing how and where to meet its customers, and will transform the current wholesale model by moving online and with strong customer relationships.”

Volvo recently launched its first fully electric car, the XC40 Recharge and today, they have also revealed its second fully electric car, a new model in the 40 series.


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