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TCH Leasing's First Green Day Event

Our first ever Green Day Event will be held at Pride Park Stadium in Derby on Tuesday 24th September. The Ride & Drive event is a great opportunity to test out EVs from a range of industry-leading brands, plus both the TCH Leasing and the TCH Salsa teams will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Currently, there are 10 brands confirmed to be presenting, including:

• Hyundai

• Lexus

• Toyota

• Nissan

• Renault


• Kia

• VW

• Jaguar (I-Pace)

Each brand will have a Q&A at the end of their sessions and a representative from Pod Point will be attending the event to answer questions and advise what's happening nationwide regarding charging points.

Electric vehicles may have been around for many years but are rapidly increasing in popularity thanks to recent improvements in technology which have allowed mainstream manufacturers to offer them as part of their main range of vehicles.

EVs, although expensive to buy, are actually very cheap to run. The cost of charging an EV from the national grid provides you with more range for the same price in petrol or diesel. Plus, with some areas introducing roadside charging points specifically for EVs, and supermarkets set to install them in their car parks in the future, the popularity of EVs is only set to increase further - which is a huge win for the environment and improving carbon emissions.

Whats more, the Government has recently announced that company car drivers choosing a pure electric vehicle will pay no benefit-in-kind tax in 2020/21!

Our Head of Sales, Ken Buckley, stated:

"The UK company car market finally felt some relief when HMRC recently introduced changes to the system for calculating company car tax, effectively making Electric vehicles an extremely attractive option for company car drivers as they would pay zero BIK in 2020-21 tax year and very little BIK in the following years.
A 40% taxpayer previously driving a £35,000 vehicle could save in the region of £11,000 in tax over the period 2020-23. This coupled with driving a range approaching 400 miles for some newer models will undoubtedly accelerate the growing popularity with electric vehicles.
Many cities are looking to introduce ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones) areas, charging £12.50 per day for polluting vehicles, for many, this will also be a factor for consideration when choosing their next vehicle.
Logically, the migration to electric vehicles is as they say, “a no brainer”, as range and charging infrastructure improves rapidly and with the average family car notching up less than 10,000 miles annually we will in a matter of a few years reach ‘tipping point’ and hopefully start the long road back to a much healthier environment."

If you would like to learn more about EVs, have your questions answered by our experts and have the opportunity to test drive the latest models, simply register using the link below and come along on the 24th to our first Green Day Event, your guide to electric vehicles.


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