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Ford E-Transit Voted Electric Van of the Year 2022

Auto Express have voted the Ford E-Transit as the Electric Van of the Year 2022. In the grand scheme of things, Ford were late with producing an electric van, however that does not deter from the level of class this vehicle brings to the table.

Whilst it might not look too different to the everyday electric van seen by other manufacturers, the Ford provides improvement in every aspect. Even though it is ahead of its competitors in terms of features, the E-Transit comes in at a cheaper price point.

You shouldn’t worry about the price difference with electric vans in comparison to petrol and diesel vehicles, as the government are still providing their £5000 Plug-in Van Grant. The grant will automatically apply to the purchase of any electric van that can cover at least 60 miles in fully electric mode, and emits 50g/km of carbon dioxide or less.

The rear-wheel drive E-Transit comes in a choice of 181bhp or 265bhp electric motors. The Ford contains a 68kWh battery which provides an official range of up to 196 miles, so range anxiety can be placed at ease for drivers.

Various versions of the Ford E-Transit, such as the Trend model, come fully equipped with a 12-inch, high-quality touchscreen that showcases the superb level of connectivity on offer from Ford. Enjoy wireless smartphone integration, heating controls and an onboard modem with Ford’s SYNC 4 entertainment system.

Electrifying one of Britain’s best vans was a smart move by Ford, and we agree that it is highly deserving of the title of Electric Van of the Year 2022.


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