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To travel abroad in Europe, you will require a Department of Transport VE103b Vehicle on Hire Certificate (Issued by TCH Leasing), which provides proof of use from the vehicle owner. and European Breakdown Cover. In the event of an additional driver using the vehicle unaccompanied by the holder of the VE103B, an individual certificate is required. We would recommend that travel insurance is purchased and that you do so through a reputable source.


The vehicle manufacturer may provide some limited cover for Europe, please refer to vehicle handbook for details of terms and conditions. TCH Leasing can provide comprehensive European Breakdown Cover once manufacturer cover has expired for TCH maintained agreements. Please refer to the AA European Cover guide enclosed with your VE103B certificate for contact details. Please note AA cover is for vehicle breakdown only and is not applicable in the event of an accident. Please ensure you take out adequate insurance cover.

It is a legal requirement that you comply with all the driving regulations of each country visited, including low emission zones, road tolls and the carrying of certain accessories in your vehicle when travelling in many popular European destinations. The list is quite extensive for each country, so please refer to the link to the AA on our website ( which details what is required by each country, you just select your choice of country from a drop-down list.

NB: All cheques should be made payable to TCH Leasing


IMPORTANT: It is a requirement that you produce an original VE103b certificate. Whilst TCH Leasing may provide a copy via email, to assist in obtaining the documentation required in European destinations, this does not represent a substitution of the original certificate.

Travelling Abroad Form

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