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Maximising Your Electric Car's Efficiency: The 80% Charging Rule Unveiled

You’ve just got your shiny brand-new electric car, and want to do everything in your power to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. Keeping your battery topped up to a maximum of 80% has many benefits - including battery health, efficiency and saving you time.

You may have heard lots of contradicting information around this topic, so we’re here to separate the fact from the fiction. 

What is the reason to only charge to 80%?

The reason is to keep your car’s battery health as high as possible. This is because Lithium-Ion batteries found in electric vehicles work most efficiently between the ranges of 20% and 80%. The battery will have to work extra hard to charge to 100% once it has hit 80%, so it is better in the long run to keep it smoothly operating between 20% and 80% for health benefits. 

Is it bad to charge to 100%?

Strictly speaking, no - nothing bad will happen if you charge your car fully to 100%. However, it is only recommended that you do so if you really need the extra charge, for example if you want to make a particularly long journey before recharging again. This is to stop the battery from getting overworked, and will enhance the lifespan. 

What if I can’t watch my car to make sure it only charges to 80%?

We understand that you will more than likely be away from your car when it is charging, which is why the majority of electric cars and chargers have built-in measures in place that mean you can pre-select how much charge you put into the battery.

Does it really save time?

Charging an electric car from 10% to 80% can take as long as charging from 80% to 100%. This counterintuitive phenomenon occurs because the charging process slows down as the battery approaches full capacity. For long journeys, it may be more efficient to charge to 80%, continue driving, and then top up at a faster rate later. Larger battery cars tend to have a more efficient charging range between 20-80%, allowing them to add more miles quickly during that interval.


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