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Ultimate Guide to Saving Fuel

We understand the frustrations of inflation recently, with fuel being one of the main things to fluctuate in price. That’s why we have written this handy guide to driving more fuel efficiently, saving you money on petrol and diesel by minimising the number of times you have to fill up at the pumps.

10 fuel saving tips from TCH

1. Keep your vehicle well maintained

Making sure your vehicle is properly maintained, such as keeping your tyres regularly topped up with air and getting oil and filter changes, is a great way to save fuel as it allows the vehicle to work as efficiently as possible.

2. Drive smoothly

Rapid acceleration, braking, and frequent speed changes can significantly impact fuel consumption. Drive more smoothly, maintain a steady speed, and avoid unnecessary engine idling to improve fuel efficiency.

3. Plan trips effectively

Whilst sometimes short trips in your car can’t be avoided, it's good practice to try and merge your daily errands into one trip. Multiple short trips where you need to start and restart the engine can use up more fuel than if you make one longer journey.

4. Consider sharing rides

Carpooling is not only better for the environment than driving in separate cars, but also great for saving fuel. Sharing the commute with a colleague will save you both fuel, and some areas also have car sharing only lanes which can improve journey times.

5. Explore alternative transport methods

Depending on your location and circumstances, consider using alternative modes of transportation such as public transport, cycling, or walking for shorter trips. These options can help you save money on fuel while providing additional health and environmental benefits.

6. Remove excess weight on the vehicle

Extra weight in your vehicle can reduce fuel efficiency. Remove any unnecessary items from your car, especially heavy ones, such as roof racks and luggage that you do not need for the journey.

7. Use cruise control on the motorway

If your vehicle has cruise control, use it while motorway driving. It helps maintain a consistent speed which can improve fuel efficiency as the engine is putting in less work to keep the car moving.

8. Consider fuel-efficient vehicles

If you're in the market for a new car, consider purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle or a hybrid/electric vehicle. These vehicles typically have higher fuel efficiency ratings and can save you money on fuel in the long run.

9. Compare fuel prices

Check the prices of fuel at different petrol stations in your area and fill up at the one with the lowest price. You can use various smartphone apps or websites to compare fuel prices. As fuel prices constantly fluctuate, it's a good idea to check every time you need to fill up.

10. Use a fuel rewards scheme

Many petrol stations offer loyalty programs or rewards cards that allow you to earn points or discounts on fuel purchases. Take advantage of these programs to save money over time.

There are many different ways that you can keep the costs of filling up your car low. Even if you just use a couple of these tips, you should start to notice a saving on your monthly fuel expenditure.


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