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TCH Rental Is Here To Help

TCH Leasing would like to take this opportunity to inform all our customers that we are doing everything possible in the current difficult circumstances to ensure that we continue to deliver our best service to you where travel is essential. TCH Rental is still operational, though like most companies the staff are now home based. Car rental is one of the businesses that is exempt from closing altogether.

Car Rental companies are crucial to allow key workers to stay mobile throughout the crisis, so it is essential that we remain open and serve our customers with the vehicles they need. Please note that our operational hours have changed and, due to safe-guarding, we have a limited number of staff available. Essential users who rent through us are welcome to attend the supplying branch location to collect a vehicle.

We are still operating a delivery service, however, please see below our latest delivery procedure which has been implemented not only to protect our employees, but also to protect customers.

If we do not have enough staff available to provides the below process then we will be offering a service where the driver can collect the vehicle and drop off to the Branch. When this service is used, the driver will be asked to sanitise outside of the Branch before entering and then to repeat the process when they leave, also to clean the steering wheel and locks etc.


1. The car is delivered to the customer’s address and anti bacterial wipes used to wipe down the steering wheel and door handle.

2. The key is posted through the customer’s door, even if the customer is at home.

3. The driver then walks 5 metres from the house and calls the customer to verify the delivery and car condition whilst keeping a safe distance.


1. When the driver arrives at the address, they remain 5 metres from the customer and call to advise they are there.

2. The customer unlocks the car and puts the keys in the side door pocket.

3. When the customer goes back in the house, the driver enters the car, wiping down the door handle and steering wheel with disinfectant wipes.

4. The driver checks the car over, if there are no problems, they drive away.

5. If new damage is noted, they call the customer advising of the damage. The damage is to be logged on the check sheet and the check sheet posted through the door for signature. The customer must sign the sheet and post the sheet back to the driver. We request that the customer then washes their hands as recommended.

The telephone numbers in the office are diverted to our rental mobile 07468 861157, booking enquiries can also be sent to

In these times we all have to work together and help you, our customers, wherever we can.

Stay safe and only travel where essential.


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