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TCH Leasing Awarded Crown Commercial Services Status

TCH Leasing is proud to announce that we have been awarded Crown Commercial Service status. This recognition means that TCH Leasing is now an approved supplier of vehicle leasing and fleet management services to the UK public sector, including central government departments, local authorities, and NHS organisations.

The CCS is the UK government's procurement agency, responsible for providing goods and services to public sector organisations. As a CCS-approved supplier, TCH Leasing can now offer our extensive range of services to these organisations, helping them to achieve their transportation goals in a more cost-effective and efficient manner.

The approval process for CCS status is rigorous and thorough, requiring companies to demonstrate their capabilities in several areas, including financial stability, compliance with regulations and the ability to meet the needs of public sector clients. TCH Leasing successfully completed this process, demonstrating our strong reputation for providing excellent service and value for money.

The benefit of purchasing through CSS is it allows customers to save money by increasing the value and quality of their purchases. Customers can also ensure they are getting a quality service or product due to the regular vetting the CSS does on its members, improving reliability.

TCH Leasing wish to help you find your future fleet, and we are happy to announce that we will be able to do this with the backing of Crown Commercial Services.


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