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Safety First: Intelligent Speed Assistance Now Mandatory in New Cars

Starting from this July, all new cars sold in Europe, including the UK, will be required to have Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology. First introduced for new models in July 2022, the safety measure has now been made mandatory on all new cars entering the market. 

Intelligent Speed Assistance uses a smart camera that can read speed signs, or it can tap into a database of speed limits linked to your GPS. The system then lets you know what the speed limit is and lets you know if you're going over it. It is essential that the system will not restrict the driver’s ability to control the vehicle, and they will always be able to override the system. 

The regulations give car manufacturers four methods the car can give speeding notice to the driver:

  • Cascaded acoustic warning

  • Cascaded vibrating warning

  • Haptic feedback through the acceleration pedal

  • Speed control function

The first two warnings are subtle - the driver might see a quick visual alert on the dashboard, followed by a gentle chime or vibration if there is no reduction in speed. These are designed to be brief to avoid any possible driver distractions. Some systems use a nudge on the accelerator pedal. If limits are being exceeded, drivers might feel a slight pushback encouraging them to ease off the gas. 

Many car companies already offer ISA, and some go beyond the minimum requirements. Some even have models with a built-in top speed limit. While ISA is becoming compulsory in new cars. Drivers can choose to turn it off for each journey if they prefer. 

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