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Public Sector Frameworks Explained

In the United Kingdom, a public sector framework refers to a set of pre-established agreements between public sector bodies (such as government departments, local authorities, and other public sector organisations) and approved suppliers of goods and services. These agreements are designed to streamline the procurement process for public sector bodies by providing them with a list of pre-vetted suppliers that have already been through a competitive tendering process.

The framework agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which goods and services can be procured, including pricing, quality standards, and delivery requirements. This pre-established agreement means that public sector bodies can procure goods and services quickly and more cost-effectively than if they were to carry out a full tendering process each time they need to purchase something.

Frameworks are typically established for a specific category of goods or services, such as IT services, construction, or fleet management. Suppliers that are interested in being part of a framework must go through a rigorous selection process to demonstrate their capabilities and compliance with relevant regulations. Read on as we explain four different public sector frameworks.

Crown Commercial Service

The Crown Commercial Service is the UK government’s procurement agency, which is responsible for providing goods and services to public sector organisations. The approval process for CCS status is rigorous and thorough, requiring companies to demonstrate their capabilities in several areas, including financial stability, compliance with regulations and the ability to meet the needs of public sector clients.

TCH Leasing successfully completed this process, demonstrating our strong reputation for providing excellent service and value for money.


The Procurement Partnership Limited are a private company offering a wide range of procurement solutions and services to the UK Public Sector. TPPL was founded in 2004 with the aim to enhance the combined purchasing power of the public sector within the fleet sector.

In 2017, TPPL launched its first vehicle rental Framework Agreement, and in 2019 membership numbers exceeded 800 organisations that are eligible to access the various Fleet Framework Agreements.

Halton Housing

Halton Housing is an innovative housing association based in the North West of England. The organisation works with their key suppliers with the aim to influence new developments with their customers to better understand their desires.

In recent years, Halton Housing has been recognised for its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the housing sector. They have implemented a range of energy-efficient measures across their properties, including the installation of solar panels and the use of smart home technology to reduce energy consumption. The association has also been involved in a number of community regeneration projects, working in partnership with local organisations to improve the social and economic wellbeing of the area.


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