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Combserve 'thrilled' after 10 years

We asked our clients, Combserve, why they have chosen TCH Leasing to supply their fleet for the past 10 years and here's what they had to say:

"Wow over 10 Years dealing with Roxanne Stones at TCH Leasing what can I say but, 'fantastic!' As a company, we have tried several ways of funding the company vehicles, either by renting, purchasing, and using different companies to supply contract hire vehicles.

We have found TCH Leasing to be the best option for our business, reasonably priced, fair on over-mileage and damage recharges, and local to us in Yorkshire.

"Roxanne Stones is a brilliant account manager, so good in fact, I count Roxanne as one of my friends. Roxanne sorts everything out and gets me the best deal. Apparently, loyalty is dead, but I don’t think so. When the Banking Crisis of 2008 was in full apocalyptic meltdown and our previous vehicle lender who we also banked with would not supply any additional vehicles, Roxanne stepped in to save the day. 

"We deal through the Local Trust Ford Dealer which is in a good, easy to get to location and has all the Ford facilities under one roof. They have a great range of vehicles and are reliable as well.

"Roxanne also introduced me to Stewart from RAM Tracking, we had had tracking systems on vehicles before but these were expensive and not very reliable. This system is just what we need, wired to the vehicle and records the mileage. It also lets me know when the engineers get home so it complies with lone worker safety and you can check on mileage so I can easily adjust any mileage in the leasing contract.

"Again, Roxanne introduced me to James Barrett at FMG accident management. We signed up and fortunately (or unfortunately) I was having to use FMG services within a fortnight as a drunk driver drove at speed through a red traffic light and hit our vehicle in Scotland. This would normally result in me having to recover the vehicle back to West Yorkshire and arrange repairs. This time FMG arranged everything, including collecting the vehicle, delivering a hire vehicle, repairing the vehicle and returning it.

 All in all a great team!" 

You can see how TCH Leasing can benefit your company, or if you want to make an enquiry, or speak to a member of our team, you can get in touch us.


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