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Britain’s Least Liked Motorway surveyed 2,000 drivers and were asked about which motorways they like and dislike and the reasons why.

We’re pretty sure you’ll be very unsurprised to learn that the M25 is the least-liked motorway in Britain, but you may be surprised about the reasons why. According to the survey, the top answer for why drivers dislike the M25 was the lack of speed cameras. We’re not sure about you, but in our experience, we’ve rarely been able to get up to speed, never mind fast enough to set off a speed camera.

Other reasons included road debris, unclear signage, poor lighting and dangerous junctions. Similar reasons were given for the second least-liked motorway in Britain, the M6. When it comes to the M6, however, drivers also said that they were disappointed by the lack of service stations and also felt unsafe. If you’re keeping an eye out for service stations, try the M6 Toll which, according to a new survey, is the best motorway service station in Britain.

The most-liked motorway, on the other hand, is the A66, although only a small section between Grangetown and Workington is classed as a motorway. Aside from this, the most liked motorway in the survey was the M40, which people liked due to its service stations, lack of debris, light traffic and streetlights.

Do you agree with these answers and reasons? Let us know your favourite and least favourite motorways.


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