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Aston Martin to make electric cars in the UK from 2025

Luxury car giant Aston Martin has pledged to manufacture the entirety of its electric cars in the UK from 2025.

Over the next four years, the company is due to start making hybrid versions of its, quickly followed by all-electric (battery-only) models.

The Canadian billionaire head of the company made the announcement with the industry already facing a tirade of struggles. Previously it has been reported that the UK has had troubles with securing investments to keep the sector motoring and now with the rapid decline of demand through the COVID-19 pandemic the promise is seen as a huge kick-start to everyone connected to the industry.

Lawrence Stroll, who led a bailout of the business last year, told the Financial Times that a battery sports car and sport utility vehicle will be made at Aston plants in Gaydon in the Midlands and St Athan in Wales, rather than by its partner Mercedes-Benz, which owns 20 per cent of the company.

In December, Stroll said they will continue manufacturing cars powered solely by an internal combustion engine beyond 2030. This was so that the much-loved British carmaker could still cater to global petrol enthusiasts, despite the UK banning the sales of combustion engine cars after 2030.

Under the government’s rules, every new vehicle sold in Britain will require to be electric or a form of hybrid by 2030. This has lead to many manufacturers outlining their road map to a greener future. Ferrari has committed to making battery models by 2030, Bentley, also owned by VW, is planning a battery car for the middle of the decade. Whilst Volvo and Ford have vowed to be all-electric by 2030.

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