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Corporate Rental Solutions

Short Term or Long Term Hires? We Can Help Minimise Fleet Downtime

We know that sometimes vehicles can unexpectedly need time off the road, or are delayed in being delivered to you, so our short term hire service can help with any unexpected issues with your fleet vehicles.

Daily Rental Service

If you need help to plug a gap in your fleet, such as a driver stuck without a vehicle. Then our daily rental service is for you. The benefits of our daily rental service include:

  • A comprehensive nationwide network, including airport locations, train stations, and ports.

  • Reservations are confirmed directly back to the booker.

  • Vehicles delivered within the agreed time frame.

  • Vehicles delivered and collected to your specific requirements.

Long Term Hires

If you have a need for a longer-term solution, we can arrange for hires that last weeks or months as an alternative solution to full vehicle ownership.

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