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YESSS Electrical

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The Mission of YESSS Electrical

“Our purpose is to create superior value for our customers by delivering world class Supplies, Service and Solutions.” - The mission statement by YESSS, which stands proudly on a plaque at their National Distribution Centre in Normanton, West Yorkshire.

However, it’s not just their customers where superior value is delivered. Suppliers, employees, and virtually anyone connected with YESSS, are treated with the same superior value, all of which stems from the Culture Statement “where great people can do great work and be themselves.” This clear, open, and effective communication throughout the business helps to build honest relationships.

With almost 100 branches nationwide and almost 1,000 members of staff, the company, which was incorporated just over 10 years ago, is the fastest growing electrical wholesaler in the UK. Offering a full range of support services, including for electric vehicles, industrial, security, and lighting, and backed by a product catalogue of over 10,000 items from the National Distribution Centre, it’s not hard to see just why the business has been so successful.

“Our purpose is to create superior value for our customers by delivering world class Supplies, Service and Solutions.”

Investment for Growth

Investment has always been a keen driver for YESSS, and they are currently on track with a full-scale investment into their warehouse operations at the National Distribution Centre. The first objective is to maximise the storage space, with the introduction of a state-of-the-art Modula Lift for optimal vertical storage and a bespoke double storey mezzanine that can take up to 60 tonnes on each floor. The result of this is that it will unlock the ability to streamline the picking and packing process to reduce the total time taken for each order, allowing for a larger capacity of order take and quicker turn-around times for delivery to branches.

The Modula vertical lift system will improve the organisation of the warehouse and optimise the workflow thanks to the integration of the warehouse management system (WMS). These developments will have a further positive effect on the business, over and above the results announced - for the financial year ending April 2022, with a turnover of £200 million. Some 10 years ago, just the idea and thought of YESSS was a dream; the brainchild of Adam and Ashley Mackie. Now, the business has grown and developed into a household electrical wholesaler name with a fantastic reputation of delivering excellent customer satisfaction. Which begs the question, how did YESSS arrive here?

Working alongside suppliers, such as TCH Leasing, who provide recommendations customised to the YESSS's needs. The company's consultants work collaboratively with clients, building trust and developing long-term relationships that focus on mutual success.

Year Founded

Current Turnover
£270 million

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Working with TCH

From a vehicle fleet point of view, the story has been expertly documented in the past, most notably with Fleet News in 2016, who met up with Paul Holden (YESSS' Fleet Management company) to find out exactly how he helped YESSS get its fleet off the ground. It’s a fabulous story of how, within one week, Paul was able to source a fleet of cars and vans to get the company mobile. TCH was a very proactive supplier who offered help and support to supply and fund the YESSS Vehicle fleet at a point when the company was relatively unknown and before any branches up and running, with zero trading record. TCH offered to take the risk of funding 50 of the launch vans, a significant reduction in capital outlay in comparison to outright purchase. This trust and loyalty shown at the beginning of an exciting journey has meant that the relationship between TCH Leasing and YESSS Electrical has gone from strength to strength.

The fleet currently stands at around 180 light commercial vehicles, with over 450 company cars, a high percentage of these being plug-in full electric or hybrid. TCH Leasing exclusively provides all the vans, of which there is an annual rollover of anything between 50 and 80 vehicles, as well as their company cars on a contract hire basis. Working with TCH Leasing is a real personable experience, Paul explains:

I’ve worked with TCH from the start of all this. The people sitting in the initial meeting like Mark Hammond and Roxanne Stones are still there today. It’s the same when I phone their office, I’m not contacting a call centre, I’m contacting an office of people who all know me and that isn’t something you get much of these days. It makes it a real personable experience dealing with TCH, which is fantastic.

This is backed up by the Dedicated Account Managers for each individual business and it goes a long way to setting TCH apart from other leasing and fleet management companies in the UK. Having a Dedicated Account Manager means you can trust they understand your business needs and provide the most cost-effective and efficient commercial vehicle solution for your business. This is exactly the case in point with between Roxanne Stones at TCH Leasing and YESSS Elecetrical Services.

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Going Electric

Like with most businesses up-and-down the country, YESSS are focusing a lot of their resource around renewable energy and a greener future. And this isn’t just inhouse, as it takes shape in the form of their electric vehicle (EV) Charging products.

YESSS has so much positivity surrounding EVs, including the outlook of the infrastructure, the announcement of profits, the strong relationships they have with suppliers and end users and the drive for a future of renewable energy. This truly does encapsulate the great feeling you have when you walk through the doors of their National Distribution Centre, or any one of their branches.


Let’s Work Together

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