Smart Technology Options and their Associated Charges

What is available and how can you benefit?

With the boom in technological advances, cars now come with a vast array of smart technology options that can make driving easier and more luxurious.

With technology from the likes of OnStar and their features such as Automatic Crash Response, which can send emergency help to your location, even when you are unable to ask for it yourself, driving has become infinitely safer. This is great news for those of you who are required to do a lot of driving as part of your job, but these features must come at a cost.

Here at TCH Leasing, many of our vehicles are compatible with these features and technologies that increase driver convenience and safety. Some of these, such as OnStar, come free for the first year to give you an idea of just how impactful this kind of technology can be, and the peace of mind it can offer.

However, please be aware that after the first year additional features such as these will require a renewal fee, which will be payable by the customer and not TCH Leasing.

More Information

For more information about your vehicle and its Smart Technology Options please refer to your vehicle handbook. However, if you require any general advice concerning your vehicle please feel free to contact us on 0333 0146 059 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can contact us online by clicking here.

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