AA European Breakdown Cover

Available to you as a valued customer.

If you're planning to take your TCH Leasing vehicle abroad either for business or pleasure, you'll need to ensure you obtain a VE103 Vehicle on Hire Certificate. This entitles you to drive the vehicle in any EU member state.

If you would like us to issue you with a VE103 Certificate, please call our Travel Abroad helpdesk on 0333 006 7099.  Please allow 7-14 days for post delivery, since only original certificates are valid, and also ensure that your insurance policy covers you to drive abroad.

We can provide AA European Breakdown Cover which is also available to you as a valued TCH customer, please ask our help desk for details.

This level of cover offers benefits such as:

  • Roadside assistance and repairs in over 40 European countries,
  • Tow to the nearest garage,
  • Alternative travel costs,
  • Emergency overnight accommodation costs,
  • Up to £75,000 worth of legal protection to sort out claims, traffic offences & representation,
  • Recovery of your vehicle back to the UK, up to the value of the vehicle,
  • Both single trip and annual trip policies are offered.

It is highly recommended that you carry certain accessories in your vehicle when travelling in many popular European destinations. The list is quite extensive for each country, so with the help of our European Breakdown Partners, the AA, we have supplied a link to the AA which details what is required by each country, you just select your choice of country from a drop down list.

Click here to go to the AA website

We want you to enjoy your holiday and trust the information will assist you. Remember to book the essentials early, plan ahead and ensure that you have any emission zones stickers that are being introduced throughout European cities but mainly in German cities.

We can assist you in obtaining the necessary zone stickers which you have to book via the internet. At the time of asking for the VE103, please mention that you require Emission zone stickers and we will provide by email the VE103 form in PDF format, which you can send with your online application to Germany or the respective country.

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