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ULEZ Expansion Comes into Force in London

London Eye over the River Thames

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has extended the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) to cover every London Borough from today.

The scheme has already existed in London since 2019, however this only covered the central area. Drivers of non-compliant vehicles will be charged £12.50 per day if they wish to drive through any part of Greater London.

ULEZ was set up in an effort to combat climate change and health issues related to toxic air in the city. It is estimated that around 4,000 people die prematurely every year in London, due to harmful particulates from exhaust pipes being inhaled.

The main hope of the scheme is to discourage people from driving heavily polluting vehicles on the city’s roads, and also for owners of non-compliant cars to replace them for a safer one.

Transport for London has stated that all revenue will be reinvested into the travel network, improving cycle lanes, walkways and bus routes. TfL has also put aside £160 million for a scrappage scheme, to help those looking to replace their non-compliant vehicles. This scheme will see Londoners receiving £2,000 for scrapping their old vehicle.


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