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TCH Leasing Strikes Up Partnership with Targa Telematics for Service Management Solution

Targa Telematics is the latest partnership for TCH Leasing and will help us create a proactive service management solution for our clients.

The solution provided by Targa will aid in avoiding unplanned vehicle off-road situations by allowing us to receive vehicle health alerts well in advance. Our clients will feel the benefit of this as vehicle downtime will be reduced.

Targa was picked as our partner of choice as they have working relationships with vehicle manufactures that allows them to analyse data from embedded sensors present within TCH Leasing’s cars – including service countdowns, odometer readings and various dashboard warning lights.

This system allows us to plan vehicle maintenance and reduce the amount of time that your car is off the road. These alerts also give us the opportunity to get courtesy cars booked in quickly when needed. The solution will also mean that any repair work that is carried out is completely as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Jennifer Jones, our Systems & Compliance Manager, said: “We reviewed many telematics providers in the marketplace and found Targa Telematics to be an industry leader in the services that they are able to provide. With OEM connectivity available across a wide range of manufacturers, the service enables us to easily turn on the functionality within each vehicle, not only to provide security of our assets, but also to provide information to our maintenance controllers and to better manage our customers’ fleets.”

Chris Horbowyj, sales director at Targa Telematics UK, added: “Thanks to its expertise in the vehicle leasing and rental industry, Targa Telematics delivers tailored solutions addressing the needs of this sector, facilitating their operations and enabling the development of new services and business.”

TCH Leasing has a further relationship with Targa in the form of a fleet security solution specialising in stolen vehicle recovery, and we hope this extension of relations is a partnership that can continue to provide our clients with the best possible service.


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