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TC Harrison install onsite defibrillators

Over the last few months the TC Harrison Group Ltd has embarked upon a programme to install defibrillators at all sites with the only exceptions being our depots in Hull and Birstall, due to their location.

All new defibrillators are fully accessible during working hours, however, the defibrillators located at our TC Harrison FordStore in Derby and at our Burton Ford dealership have the added flexibility of being available 24-hour hours a day for all employees and the general public in the event of emergency. The TC Harrison Group encompasses TCH JCB, TCH Ford and TCH Leasing divisions, and all areas of the business were committed to offering these potentially life-saving devices onsite.

Defibrillators are incredible devices that give a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest and has the potential to save the life of someone having a heart attack. If anyone wants any further information on this initiative please contact your local TC Harrison branch.

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