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Sheffield Clean Air Zone

Sheffield is the latest city to adopt a ‘Clean Air Zone’ in its centre. The CAZ will be a class C chargeable zone and will come into effect from Monday 27th February. The most polluting vehicles will be classed as non-compliant, such as HGVs, LGVs, buses and taxis.

The CAZ is being implemented in Sheffield with the aim to improve air quality by reducing emissions from vehicles. Some benefits of CAZs include:

  • Improved health - cleaner air can lead to improved respiratory health for residents and reduced incidence of heart and lung diseases.

  • Enhanced environment- reduced emissions can lead to a more pleasant urban environment and improved quality of life.

  • Cleaner vehicles - encouraging the use of low-emission vehicles through CAZs can help accelerate the shift towards cleaner transportation.

  • Improved air quality- CAZs can help to reduce levels of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, leading to improved air quality in the city centre.

  • Financial benefits - improved air quality can lead to increased property values and reduced healthcare costs.

  • Better public transport - encouraging the use of low-emission public transportation through CAZs can make it a more attractive choice and help reduce traffic congestion in Sheffield.

Overall, clean air zones in UK city centres offer multiple benefits to residents, the environment and the economy. These positives come together to help create healthier, cleaner and more sustainable urban areas.

Sheffield City Council has made available £28 million of funding to support local businesses that need to upgrade their fleet to CAZ-compliant vehicles. The following support for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and other non-compliant vehicles that are impacted by the CAZ will be provided for those who need it:

  • Financial assistance - The council will provide financial assistance to support HGV operators in upgrading to low-emission vehicles. This could include grants and loans for the purchase of cleaner vehicles and retrofitting existing vehicles with emissions-reducing technologies.

  • Alternative compliance options - The council will also provide alternative compliance options for operators who are unable to upgrade their vehicles, such as exemptions, concessions, and alternative routes.

  • Information and advice - The council and other local sectors will be on hand to give information and advice to HGV operators and other affected businesses on how to comply with the Sheffield CAZ and access the available support.

You can check if your vehicle is CAZ-compliant by clicking here.

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If you would like any further information on the Sheffield clean air zone or how you can get your fleet prepared for the change, please get in contact with TCH Leasing today.


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