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Perks of EVs

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as 2030 draws closer, when the government sets out to end the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles.

As it is becoming increasingly likely that you will be driving some form of electric car in the near future, we thought we would outline some of the many benefits of having one.

1. Running costs

No matter what type of electric car you have, whether it be a hybrid or a fully electric, you may notice a saving on the cost of powering your vehicle. HEV (hybrid electric vehicles) and MHEV (mild-hybrid electric vehicle) cars can save money as they use regenerative braking to replace the power used during acceleration. Fully electric vehicles and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) can be charged up using an external power source to charge the battery. PHEV vehicle drivers can enjoy up to 50 miles of electric range before the need for the conventional engine, and cars that rely solely on their battery do not need to use any petrol at all.

This can create large opportunities for savings, as generally speaking the cost of fully charging up an EV battery is cheaper than filling up with petrol or diesel.

2. Many models do not have road tax

As road taxes are based on how much CO2 emissions a vehicle produces, many EVs are exempt from this charge up until April 2025, as they produce none.

3. You do not need to worry about clean air zones

An added benefit of EVs producing no emissions is that you will be exempt from the clean air zone charges that are popping up in cities throughout the UK. These charges will see drivers of older combustion engine cars having to pay when driving through these zones, or they will be banned entirely from them. One benefit of owning an EV is that you will not need to worry about these charges.

4. Better for the environment

Fully electric vehicles are much better than petrol and diesel cars from an environmental perspective, as they do not produce any emissions. This means that you can help towards a zero-emission future by driving a greener vehicle.

5. More convenient

EVs are far more convenient as you can charge them up at home, street side or your destination, and make good use of the time that your car is parked. Another benefit of EVs is that you don't need to go out of your way to get to a petrol station, as the majority of supermarkets, gyms, hotels and other destinations have EV charging points ready to use.

6. Free parking in some places

Another perk of driving an electric vehicle is that some local authorities are rewarding the drivers of EVs by giving them either free or heavily subsidised parking.

7. EVs are much quieter

As fully electric cars do not have an engine, they are much quieter than standard petrol and diesel cars. This leads to a more relaxed driving experience, especially over longer journeys. EVs often also provide a smoother ride than their combustion engine counterparts, as they are automatic there is no need for heavy gear changes when changing speed in the vehicle.


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