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Teletrac Navman have launched a map which reveals the riskiest roads and counties in the UK.

Over a five-year period, they gathered information from both the Department of Transport and the Police Service of Northern Ireland to produce an online map, highlighting areas where the most collisions and fatalities occur.

A shocking total of 8,534 fatal traffic accidents occurred between 2012 and 2016 on some of the UK’s busiest roads. In this time, 70 fatalities occurred on the stretch of the A6 which runs between Luton and Cumbria, with 67 on the A5 from London to Holyhead, and 65 on the A40 from London to Fishguard. These roads are, however, some of the longest in Britain so the number of fatalities per mile aren’t as high as you’d think. The A6 has the highest fatality rates by this scale, with 0.248 fatalities per mile.

The map also highlights the deadliest counties in the UK and, surprisingly, England’s smallest county, Rutland, is the deadliest. Rutland had 5.181 fatalities per 10,000 residents, followed by Powys in Wales with 4.312. Scotland’s smallest county, Clackmannanshire, on the other hand, was the safest area in the UK, having no fatalities during the testing period.

Teletrac Navman’s Marketing Director for the UK, Peter Millichap explained how useful the map is for drivers, especially fleet drivers. “When operating a fleet, driver safety is extremely high on the agenda. As such, knowing which stretches of road are the most dangerous can help operators reduce the risk of accidents by adjusting their routes or schedules accordingly.

“This informative map, together with today’s telematics technology, provides fleet operators with greater visibility and access to powerful fleet management tools that go a long way towards monitoring its safety and efficiency on the road.”


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