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Is Leasing a Car a Good Idea?

Leasing your next vehicle instead of buying or financing one can have many benefits. Read on as we discuss some of the advantages of car leasing.

You get a brand-new car

Lease deals give customers the choice of a brand-new, never used before vehicle. This means that you will benefit from the features that come with a new car, such as better fuel efficiency and innovative technology.

Leasing is also a great idea for those who look to change their car more frequently. These deals usually only last around 2-4 years, which makes it one of the simplest ways to get the newest vehicles on your driveway.

Lower monthly payments

One of the main benefits is that leasing a vehicle allows you to get a brand-new car for a lower monthly price than alternative finance methods. As you will never own the vehicle, you don’t have to pay the full cost of it through your payments as you are effectively paying rentals for the use of the vehicle for the contract period and the provider takes the risk on the vehicle value.

Fixed price

Lease deals have a fixed price dependent on mileage and contract period, which will be setup at the beginning of the deal. The agreement is clearly outlined before any contracts are signed, so there will be no shock or hidden costs throughout the time that you are leasing the vehicle. However, should your circumstances change, the contract mileage or period can be revised by agreement at a new rental value.

Lower deposits

Large deposit amounts can often be off-putting for people looking into finance deals for their next vehicle. Lease contracts usually have a much lower deposit, with many allowing you to drive away your brand-new car by putting as little as one month’s initial rental down.

Lower maintenance costs

As a car that is brand-new is a lot less likely to have faults than a used car, leasing a vehicle often comes with much lower maintenance costs than other methods of purchasing. In addition to this, new lease vehicles are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, giving protection against repair costs. Vehicles can also be leased inclusive of maintenance, giving certainty of cost and removing the risk of expensive repair.

The end of the contract is simple

One of the drawbacks of purchasing a car is getting a good price for it when it comes to selling it at the time of replacement. With a leasing deal, you can simply hand the vehicle back without the extra stress that comes with selling a car. Provided that the vehicle’s condition is within Fair Wear and Tear guidelines and your contracted mileage is within its limit, the return process will be hassle-free.

At the end of the contract period, it’s your choice what to do next. You can choose to walk away without any obligations, or you can enter a new leasing deal to continue with the benefits that contract hire provides.


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