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Benefits of TCH Rental

Blue Audi vehicle parked in front of rocky hill

TCH Rental is the perfect solution for clients looking for a simple way to get their employees into vehicles for a short-term period. Providing rental periods from in the form of daily rental and short term hire, TCH Rental can provide high quality vehicles with no long term commitment.

Benefits of Daily Rental

  1. Starters: Interim vehicles for new staff on probation, employees between company cars and vans, and staff making ad hoc trips

  2. Incidents: Supporting drivers otherwise left without a vehicle after an accident or breakdown

  3. Planning: Flexible vehicle hire helps companies cope with changing demand and budget restrictions

Benefits of Short Term Hire

  1. Growth: Fewer funds tied up in vehicle contracts, allowing a focus on expansion

  2. Interim: With older vehicles being more expensive to run, short-term contracts fill gaps while you consider permanent solutions

  3. Agility: In a shifting economy, cost-effective vehicle supply is key

We have a strong selection of vehicles in our stock to choose from. If you require something more for your business needs, we have access to multiple rental agencies that we have negotiated special rates with - meaning you get the best deal, every single time. 

There are many reasons businesses should take advantage of daily rental, including:

  • New starter or temporary employees

  • Replacement of older company vehicles

  • Overseas visitors

  • Employees who have opted out of company cars and need temporary transport

  • Seasonal workers

TCH Leasing ensure to make the rental process as easy as possible by arranging pickup and delivery of the car if needed.

With a wide selection of vehicles from various car manufacturers and clear business benefits, there’s never been a better time to discuss rental with TCH Leasing.

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