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Enhancing Electric Vehicles: Councils to Create Local Charging Strategies to Improve Driver Experience

The UK Government has confirmed that new legislation will be introduced to make councils produce local electric vehicle charging strategies.

The move has been put in place to ensure that every area of the country has an adequate EV charging infrastructure plan. This is to help with the transition into the population driving fully electric vehicles.

The Department for Transport (DfT) says that local transport plans will also be updated to include the requirement for local transport authorities to create EV charging strategies. The department will also persist in overseeing and assessing the deployment of charging infrastructure within existing non-residential parking areas, considering potential adjustments to their authority if the pace of market development appears insufficient.

Nonetheless, it clarified that any sought-after authority would serve as a safety net to offer assurance and enable the implementation of specific future regulations as needed.

The DfT mentions that it will explore the possibility of launching a subsequent consultation that focuses on lease-related interactions if they proceed with seeking additional authority.

As for the Rapid Charging Fund (RCF) will be utilised to support locations with publicly accessible charging facilities and foster competition on those premises.

The government has indicated that it might introduce supplementary legislation under the Automated Electric Vehicle Act of 2018 to mandate the provision of charging points at strategically significant locations.

This consultation response coincides with the DfT's announcement that new regulations, designed to provide electric vehicle (EV) drivers with access to clear, easy to compare pricing information, simpler payment methods and more reliable charging stations, have been approved by Members of Parliament (MPs).

Charge point operators will also be obligated to make their data accessible, a move that the DfT anticipates will facilitate drivers in locating charging stations, checking their charging speeds, and ascertaining their operational status and availability through third-party apps, online maps and in-vehicle software.

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