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Over 16,500 EV Charge Points to be Installed by Councils Next Year

UK councils are set to install over 16,500 electric vehicle charging points over the next 12 months. This new increase in charging infrastructure will see the number of chargers double across five regions of the nation.

London has reported the highest number of new chargers planned, with a 101% increase from 7,848 to 15,753. The other four regions which are more than doubling their charging points are the East of England, the North-West, the South-West and Wales.

Other councils across regions such as the South-East, Yorkshire and Scotland are expected to see a smaller uplift in chargers, but are still adding to the overall infrastructure. These new chargers will allow for more people to drive EVs than ever before on UK roads. Kim Royds, director of EVs at British Gas, stated ‘It’s incredibly encouraging to see council investment in public charging infrastructure gather momentum’

The Government recently launched another scheme, the LEVI (local EV infrastructure) pilot for local councils, which will see nine local authorities receive a share of £20 million to install more than 1,000 charging points for the public to use.

One of the biggest concerns for domestic consumers and commercial entities looking at switching to EVs is an insufficient number of charging points, so the addition of this new infrastructure is moving Britain in a positive direction to be zero-emission in the future.


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