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BMW Produces World's First Zero-Emission Protection Vehicle

BMW have raised the bar in the world of protection vehicles with their two new models. Offering outstanding levels of ride comfort and ample space for passengers, both the BMW i7 Protection and its combustion engine counterpart, the BMW 7 Series Protection, provide an unrivalled level of security.

With over 45 years’ experience in the development and production of safeguarding vehicles, BMW have proved once again that are leading experts within this industry thanks to the BMW 7 Series based models. The supreme design and craftsmanship of these cars shows the use of shatter-resistant bulletproof glass and bomb proof structural engineering to give maximum protection against explosives. Both vehicles are designed with BMW Protection Core, which sees the entirety of the saloon’s body built from armour steel to add to the layers of defence.

This vast wealth of experience paired with cutting-edge technology sees BMW leading the way when it comes to modern, sleek and innovative safety vehicles. One of the unique features of these models that can be seen for the first time on a BMW model of any kind is motorised assistance in opening and closing the armour doors. This handy feature comes as standard on both models and reduces the force needed to work the strong protective doors.

The world’s first ever all-electric protection saloon, the i7 Protection, is powered by two electric motors and shows a glimpse into the future of zero-emission protection vehicles. As the world moves closer to the discontinuation of petrol and diesel cars, BMW is demonstrating how they are leading the way when it comes to eco-friendly vehicles of this nature.

Whilst we appreciate defensive vehicles are not something we deal with, TCH Leasing has a wide range of high performance and sleek BMW 7 Series cars to choose from.


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