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BMW 330E Review for Fleet Drivers

The vehicle was dropped off on Friday 11th September and picked up on Monday 21st September. This gave me the chance to drive the vehicle for both weekend and weekday journeys.

It didn’t take long to realise how special this car feels. Not only do you get an excellent driving position with the help of the steering wheel having lots of reach (and height) adjustment, but when you drive off, you’re most likely to be driving on battery power which means it’s very quiet.

The main three drive modes are Electric, Hybrid and Sport, and these are in a very convenient position next to the driver to access quickly and easily. Electric is ideal for local journeys in built-up areas. If you’re going further afield on mixed roads, then Hybrid mode should choose the best powertrain source for you depending on your driving. The Hybrid mode also gives the opportunity to choose Eco Pro.

In brief, this vehicle is at its most efficient on short to medium distance journeys around town. The odd long-distance journey is still ok however as the petrol engine kicks in. I did manage to get 78.1 mpg from Derby to West Didsbury and back to Derby again. This is good for a petrol car with this level of performance and with the ability to deliver zero-emission commutes over shorter journeys it is ideal for a varied fleet driver.

The vehicle has an excellent infomedia system; there is a widescreen, and the iDrive controller, along with the shortcut buttons surrounding it. With the satnav, you get clear mapping and instructions on the touchscreen, in the centre of the instrument panel, and on the head-up display. So, there is really no excuse for getting lost. You also have the luxury of being provided with warnings such as ‘dangerous curve ahead’, showing that safety systems can help a driver, while the driver – rather than the technology – is still able to drive the car. There is ample boot size including a cable bag which fits into a side cubby built into the boot. Comfortable seating in the rear with plenty of leg room for six- footers to sit in the back.

To conclude if you want low BIK, (10% 2020) but still want to drive a luxury car, then the BMW 330e has to be at the top of your choice. The vehicle offers a rear-wheel drive handling with a great performance, yet at the same time offers a comfortable and refined electric car for local journeys. With an excellent high–tech interior, yet extremely functional and different drive modes, this shows you can have a car that has the ability to drive on electric power but also engaging and interesting for the driver.

The vehicle was supplied by:

Wollaston MINI and BMW Corporate Sales


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