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Best-sellers of 2021

Which vehicle sold the most in 2021?

It’s official, the Ford Transit Custom was the UK’s best-selling vehicle of 2021. But how did it manage to dethrone the Ford Fiesta after 12 years on top? The Transit Custom has been one of the UK’s most popular vans since it launched in 2012, and with the supply issues faced across the entire market for new vehicles due to semiconductor shortages, manufacturers had to prioritise. Ford recognised that supporting the economy, which was bouncing back from the Global Pandemic, was paramount, and as such focused on supporting those loyal to the Transit brand.

The recent addition of a plug-in hybrid model to the range has allowed the Transit to be accepted as part of the cross-continental movement towards electric vehicles. This also makes the Ford Transit Custom one of the most favourable commercial vehicles for fleet management; as it can allow a business to reduce its carbon footprint without compromising on reliability and space. With options including a double cab, MS-RT style, and MHEV along with the plug-in hybrid, the possibilities are endless.

Versatility also played a key role in the Vauxhall Corsa stealing the number one spot for best-selling car. An all-electric option for the Corsa helped steer the illustrious hatchback to over 40,000 sales in 2021. When searching for your next vehicle, the Corsa ticks a lot of boxes with its economical qualities, practical drive and proven design. How do we know this? Compact and efficient vehicles have proven to be a strong choice in our Salary Sacrifice scheme recently, and by providing the scheme to your employees you can reap a number of rewards.

The next best-selling car of 2021 was the Tesla Model 3, an efficient option to add as part of your fleet. This is due to it being all-electric and producing zero CO₂ emissions, allowing you to feel assured that your company is doing their bit towards reducing their carbon footprint. Very advanced technology, both in terms of the infotainment system and driver assistance, work together with exciting performance and a very impressive range between charges. Add in the fact that the Tesla Supercharger network is one of the best in the UK and the chargers can be found at most major service stations - and you’ve unearthed a standout car for those employees regularly out on the road.

Why you should add Electric cars to your fleet

In addition, electric vehicles within your fleet not only come with a Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax rate of just 1% - compared to around 30-35% for similarly priced petrol and diesel cars, but your company would have the opportunity to work towards a green apple award for sustainability. Additionally, electric vehicles have been shown to have a positive impact on a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Considering that Mini Cooper’s rounded off the top 3 best-selling cars of 2021, with the option of an all-electric model, we can conclude that if you’re looking to upgrade your fleet, then going electric is the business choice. There are also many incentives that should open the door towards going electric, such as the plug-in grant and upcoming changes to government policies. All of which we’d be more than happy to discuss at your own pace in the coming weeks, so don’t hesitate to contact our team should you be looking for a no-obligation consultation on what’s next for your fleet.

Have questions on Salary Sacrifice? We will be doing a Q&A session with our Salary Sacrifice Guru, Duncan Howell in the coming weeks. Connect with Duncan on LinkedIn today to start the discussion.

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