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Almost Half of Van Drivers See Results from Collision Reducing Technology

Most modern vans are fitted with an array of useful technology. Often, this includes Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).  A new study has found that 45% of van drivers have had at least one accident prevented in the past year.

A study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles found that parking incidents are a major concern for van drivers in the UK. Nearly a third (27%) of all van driver accidents involved parking, while reversing incidents accounted for another 18%. The cost of repairing vans is also on the rise, now costing on average £534.25 per repair. ADAS are reducing the amount of mishaps occurring, saving drivers, businesses and insurance companies money.

Alice Axtell, product marketing manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “With repair costs on the rise, the impact that accidents can have on the day-to-day running of a business is significant.

“This is why our vehicles are equipped with a range of advanced driver-assistance technology, many as standard, to help drivers avoid incidents that can put their van out of action and help keep business running smoothly.”

To combat the high number of parking incidents plaguing UK van drivers, driver assistance technologies offer a powerful solution. Features like parking sensors and reversing cameras act as extra eyes, minimising the risk of bumps and scrapes during manoeuvres.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles equips their entire van lineup with Brake Assist technology as standard. The system detects traffic ahead and can automatically apply the brakes in emergency situations, significantly reducing stopping distances and potentially preventing collisions.


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