Our Approach

How to find Vehicle Leasing deals for your company... when one size does not fit all!

Whether you currently outsource the management of your large fleet of company vehicles or you’re at the very beginning of your journey into company vehicles, the marketplace can be daunting. Not only is it already competitive and rapidly evolving (such as the rise in electric vehicle sales), you then have the ever-changing tax relief and Government grants to consider.

The process can quickly become overwhelming and here at TCH Leasing we recognise this more than most, as with our no-cost consultation service, we’re commonly asked the same questions.

  • Should we buy or should we lease? And if we lease what is the best option?

  • What about offering our drivers a cash alternative?

  • Our drivers are complaining about the amount of tax they are paying, how can we reduce it?

  • Is our vehicle choice list still relevant and reflective?

  • What about electrifying our fleet, will this be more expensive?

Company Vehicle Leasing Consultants


The truth is, there is no easy answer. Every business is different, structurally, culturally and commercially. Now, more than ever before, it is important that companies find a partner that is prepared to sit down with them and gain a thorough understanding of their short, medium and long-term objectives to help them structure a vehicle policy that is aligned, relevant and fit for purpose.

At TCH Leasing, we believe in a consultative approach that is understanding of our customers goals, objectives and restraints. We value this as a critical part of our business that allows us to provide qualified recommendations that deliver an efficient, economical, and relevant vehicle policy.

Company Vehicle Policy’s for 2021


TCH Leasing have proven time and time again that modernising a company’s vehicle policy can reduce costs, aid environmental policies and improve employee satisfaction. In addition, by partnering with the right company you are able to reduce the administrative burden on your business. This is where TCH’s knowledge and understanding of all elements of the broader fleet marketplace really take precedence. From electrification and vehicle charging to cash for car and total cost of ownership, we have the capabilities to deliver ‘best in class’ solutions for our clients.

If any of these questions resonate with you, why don’t you touch base with the TCH Leasing team to discover how our depth of knowledge and recommendations can guide you through the maze of professional services currently available.

About TCH Leasing

TCH Leasing is one of the country’s top 30 contract hire and fleet management companies and is one of the few remaining privately owned companies of its kind in the UK. Based in Sheffield, we operate from purpose-built premises adjacent to the M1 Motorway Junction 35A.

Holding true to the principles of the Group's founder, we are committed to providing first-class quality services designed to meet, and exceed, the real needs and expectations of each and every client. As part of TC Harrison Group, we have traded under the same control and ownership throughout our 50 year history and our commitment to the future is to maintain this continuity for the benefit

of our clients.

Our parent company, TC Harrison Group Limited, is today one the UK's largest privately owned motor groups, with a substantial network of car and commercial vehicle dealerships, JCB earth moving equipment dealerships and, of course, TCH Leasing.