Huge Increase in Potholes Affecting Motorists Nationwide

The RAC has published data that shows the number of potholes reported to local authorities has increased by 44% in England, Scotland and Wales.

Last year 512,270 potholes were reported to 212 councils which is a huge increase compared to the 356,432 reported to 152 councils in 2015. Plus, the RAC estimates the true total is probably closer to 674,299 when you take into account the number of councils who didn't provide information on the number of potholes reported.

The huge increase in potholes is clearly being reflected in the damage caused to motorists and it's clear that the condition of the roads are quickly deteriorating, especially when you consider how many potholes go unreported each year.

It seems road users are becoming less reliant on local authorities spotting and fixing potholes in their regular inspections and are more likely to report faults in the road themselves which results in the local authorities risking compensation claims as a result of not fixing the problems.

RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said: "We urge everyone to report potholes so that motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and other road users don’t suffer the consequences of poorly maintained road surfaces, whether that’s damage to their vehicles, motorbikes or bicycles, or worse still a collision.”

The RAC has stated that 1.5% of all call outs have poorly maintained road surfaces to blame, with many of the repairs they carried out due to damaged shock absorbers, broken suspension springs and distorted wheel breakdowns.

It seems that the condition of Britain's roads are becoming motorists top concern and many people agree that the roads have got worse over the past year and it will no doubt take long term funding to bring Britain's roads back to an acceptable condition.

Making sure you check your tyres regularly is an important part of vehicle maintenance and could help you catch common issues caused by potholes earlier such as problems with your vehicles wheel alignment, tracking and suspension. You can see our tyre inspection page here and if you find potholes have damaged your vehicle, why not see if our own TCH Assist could help.

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