A Review of the Volvo XC60

Our Business Development Manager, Alex Bristow, had the pleasure of driving the new Volvo XC60 R Design Pro D5 (Diesel) AWD over the Christmas break and to say he was impressed would be an understatement...

"The specification I had on test was around the £50,000 mark and had every conceivable option you could ever wish for such as: Birdseye Camera, BLIS/Lane Assist, Collision Warning System, Heads-Up Display and a double sunroof.

The drive was extremely smooth, really responsive, with next to no body roll. It also soaked up the bumps/potholes which cover most of the Northamptonshire A/B Roads. I found 'Comfort mode' had the best ride quality by far. 'Eco mode' had a noticeable turbo lag especially with urban driving and the 'Dynamic mode' was a little firm for everyday driving.

The D5 engine is extremely torque and very fast even considering it is quite a heavy car. Some have stated the D5 is a tad noisy, but I felt differently and that it was particularly well suited for a sportier R Design Pro model.

I jumped at any excuse to drive this car and my family and two little ones absolutely loved it.

To be honest I am struggling to find one negative about this car, apart from the fact I had to give it back yesterday. Seriously though, my only slight niggle was the fuel consumption, which averaged around 34mpg with the D5 engine. However, this was most probably down to me being a bit heavy footed as I thoroughly enjoyed stepping behind the wheel.

The majority of company drivers will opt for the T8 Hybrid due to the much lower company car taxation. (I am hoping I get to test drive this model in 2019). I have heard great things about the D4 engine which offers around 188ps and improved fuel consumption over the D5.

Volvo have produced an astounding car here and should be immensely proud." 

- Alex Bristow, Business Development Manager at TCH Leasing

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