T C Harrison Group Credited on two rooms at The Sheffield Children's Hospital

T C Harrison Group's Joint-Managing Director, Mark Hammond, met up with David Vernon-Edwards, the director of The Children's Hospital Charity to celebrate the opening of two rooms in the newly renovated wing of the hospital.

In 2015, the TCH Group supplied The Children's Hospital Charity with two Ford S-Max vehicles free of charge for two years with the aim to support the hospital ahead of the opening of the renovated building. In 2017 the arrangement was extended for a further two years.

As a result of the donation, T C Harrison Group has been credited on two rooms in a new wing of the Sheffield Children's hospital. The rooms were presented to TCH Group to commemorate the donation of the cars and thank the group for their support.


The hospital is one of only four children's hospitals in the UK and the charity raises large amounts of money to help sustain and develop it. The newly renovated wing of the Sheffield Children's Hospital will no doubt massively benefit the community and visitors to the hospital.

£40m has been invested in the new wing with over £10m of that being raised by The Children's Hospital Charity, and many donations coming from companies supporting bedrooms, treatment and therapy rooms as well as a huge Play Tower.


David Vernon-Edwards has said “We are so thankful to the many generous supporters that have helped us to raise this amount of money for the region’s biggest charitably supported healthcare project. T C Harrison Group have been incredibly generous in providing the two cars that we have been able to use in so many ways to help us to raise money for the hospital. The cars have been versatile, reliable and a huge blessing to our work.

“We are delighted that TCH Group agreed to support the hospital and that as a result we have been able to provide cutting-edge facilities, above and beyond standard NHS provision, for children from all across the UK and beyond.”

Mark Hammond responded, “We are full of admiration for the outstanding and technically advanced health services provided by Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the sterling support provided by the charity. The T C Harrison Group is delighted to be able to provide support in this work”.

You can find out more about The Children's Hospital Charity and their work here.

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