July and August Most Dangerous Driving Months

According to new research from Smart Witness, a road safety company, the summer months are the most dangerous times on the road.

Although weather and road conditions are worse in the winter months, more serious and fatal collisions happen on UK roads in July and August. Smart Witness says that around 2,330 serious and fatal collisions occur in July, and 2,148 in August, compared to 1,578 in January and 1,544 in February.

We may expect January and February to be more dangerous due to icy roads and poor visibility; however, the number of drivers on the road, and many families heading off on their summer holidays makes roads busier and more dangerous. Saturdays are usually the busiest throughout the summer with peak traffic occurring around 2.30pm.

If you’re filling up your car with luggage and family, try changing the date or time when you’re setting off to aim for a quieter time on the road.

Months by the number of serious injury and fatalities on UK roads:

1 July 2,330
2 August 2,148
3 October 2,125
4 September 2,112
5 November 2,111
6 May 2,069
7 June 2,048
8 December 1,959
9 April 1,756
10 March 1,590
11 January 1,578
12 February 1,544

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