Best and Worst Service Stations Revealed

Transport Focus, an independent transport user watchdog have undertaken a user survey to see how satisfied visitors are with motorway services in England.

This is the second annual survey from Transport Focus, evaluating all 111 motorway services in England. 9,600 people were asked their experience at services, including toilets, staffing, food and drink. Overall, 92% of people were satisfied with their visit, compared with 90% in 2017.

The highest ranked service station was Norton Canes, a Roadchef service station on the M6 Toll, which scored 100% for customer satisfaction, whereas the worst was Thurrock, recording a satisfaction rate of just 68%. The Thurrock services were, however, undergoing refurbishment at the time of the survey.

The most improved service station was Staffordshire South, which had a satisfaction rating of just 70% in last year’s report and came second this year with 99%. One of the biggest areas for concern across the country was the value for money, with only 68% of people thinking the food and drink available was value for money.

The top ten ranked service stations were:

  1. Norton Canes (Roadchef, M6 Toll): 100%
  2. Stafford Southbound (Roadchef, M6): 99%
  3. Wetherby (Moto, A1 M): 99%
  4. Hilton Park Southbound (Moto, M6): 99%
  5. Corley Southbound (Welcome Break, M6): 99%
  6. Tebay Southbound (Wesmorland, M6): 99%
  7. Pease Pottage (Moto, M23): 99%
  8. Woodall Southbound (Welcome Break, M1): 99%
  9. = Killington Lake (Roadchef, M6): 99%
  10. = Tebay Northbound (Westmorland, M6): 99%

The lowest ranked service stations were:

  1. Thurrock (Moto, M25): 68%
  2. Toddington Southbound (Moto, M1): 72%
  3. Southwaite Northbound (Moto, M6): 80%
  4. Newport Pagnell South (Welcome Break, M1): 81%
  5. Bridgwater (Moto, M5): 81%

In the foreword to the report, Jeff Halliwell, Chair of Transport Focus said “The survey also highlights some areas where further improvement is desirable and shows where there are differences between MSA (motorway service area) operators. We know from last year’s survey that the findings of this research will be used by the operators to make a real difference to the experience of road users stopping at MSAs.”

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