Diesel Sales are Still Declining

Sales figures from June show that diesel sales are still rapidly declining, having dropped 28.2% last month.

Overall, new car registrations were down by 3.5% in June compared to the same data last year. This does, however show that the market is stabilising, having a turbulent start to the year. In contrast to the huge drop in diesel sales, petrol cars rose 12.3%, now taking up a huge 61.7% of the new car market. Alternative fuel sales have also seen a big rise so far this year.

The uptake of alternatively fuelled vehicles is encouraging, with sales rising 45% against June 2017 sales. Only one in 20 registrations is an alternative fuel vehicle but the increase is hugely positive.

The best-selling car in Britain last month was still the Ford Fiesta, followed by the Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Corsa. We offer a full range of vehicles available for lease, including petrol, diesel and alternative fuels. Contact us for more information on any car.

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