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About Ann Green

About me:

I am hard-working, I enjoy the challenge, enjoy motivating the Rental team and enjoy walking and climbing hills.

What is your business motto?

The word 'no' doesn’t exist, there is always a challenge to fulfil the request.

What is the best quality of TCH Leasing, and how is it different to other Leasing companies?

You actually talk to a person. We deal with queries promptly. We are a caring and thoughtful company. Our aim is to work with our clients through every challenge they receive within their business. We can tailor any deal to suit the client. We also offer a no quibble tyre policy for leasing clients.

What is your approach to work/life balance?

Work hard and play hard!

What is your approach to networking?


Who has inspired you most in your business life, and why?

Ken Buckley (Head of Sales) is a great mentor, I find him very supportive and he allows his team to grow and flourish. He gives you all the help and encouragement to allow you to get on with your job.

What is your proudest achievement in business?

Knowing that we have not lost a client through bad service, in fact, we have never lost a client.

What motivates you?

Having happy staff.

If you hadn’t got into the leasing business, what would you be doing instead?

A hairdresser!

What time of day are you at your best, and why?

Early mornings, I like hearing the birds sing.

If you could have a coffee with anyone at all, who would you pick and any?

The Queen because she keeps going, I would like to know her secret.

How do you wind down after work?

With a gin and tonic watching the soaps because I don’t have to think!